Alejita, is a true person of the 21st century. Born on one continent, raised on another. She has a great love for street art and street culture. Almost as much as for traditional art and culture. Her travels brought her new sights, new inspirations and new cultures to absorb. All the beauty she has seen in the world makes her care deeply for the earth. These elements all come together in her work.

After completing a study that tought her the technical side of creating clothing she went on to the Gerrit Rietveld Academy where she studied at the department of Fine Arts 2011.

Never one to back down for a challenge she took on all sorts of projects that came on her path, not just clothes.

When she creates she prefers to work with recycled materials as much as possible. In our society things are labelled old or out of style to easily, but Alejita will make something out of it!


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Foto: Evelien Hogers Fotografie
Styled Shoot: Native American

Adres van ALEJITA in Noord-Holland:

Jacob Bontiusplaats 1 1018 LL Amsterdam