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De Kas, Amsterdam - aerial wedding video
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Chateau de la Ligne - aerial drone video real estate
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Flying Mikes: a unique angle on your wedding!

Wedding photographers have been in business for decades. And in more recent years, wedding videographers have been growing in popularity too. New technology means capturing that special day on camera in new and different ways. Now, aerial filming technology means that you can record your wedding at an entirely new angle – from the sky!

Using DJI’s brand new, top-of-the-range Inspire 1 drone, Flying Mikes can take the highest quality footage of your wedding day. Especially suitable for couples getting married in large, beautiful venues in the countryside, aerial video and photography is a great choice. Castles, vineyards, gardens, beaches, mountains – these are the kinds of places that look incredible from the air.

Flying Mikes offers a couple of different packages, depending on your requirements. You may already have a videographer, and would just like to supplement the video that he or she is making with some aerial footage. Or you may want a fully aerial video (all shot via drone, rather than hand-held camera) that’s edited into a short movie featuring your favourite music. Plus, you may want photos taken from above. All this is possible!

Sample videos:

  • Wedding at de Kas, Amsterdam, the Netherlands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0zRNXP2qeg
  • Wedding at Chateau de la Ligne, Bordeaux, France: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJwaZ_AXlY8


  • mid/high-end
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    The High Life Package: €700 • Raw footage only supplied to you or your videographer/photographer o Video formats can range from 720p - 4K o Still photos formats are available in RAW and JPEG • Availability for 4 hours of the wedding/reception • Two-person team (pilot and cameraman) • Videographer/photographer can direct us to take whatever shots are needed (so long as they’re legal!), including formations of guests into a heart shape, etc. o Our 2 controller setup allows for collaboration by providing full camera control to the videographer/photographer Cloud 9 Package: €2,500 • Fully edited short movie made up of a range of aerial shots • Music of your choice (or we can make music suggestions for you to choose from). o Copyright music can be used for the video as long as the video isn’t used commercially • Availability for 4 hours of the wedding/reception • Two-person team (pilot and cameraman) • We can suggest staged shots, and brainstorm with the couple about what they want to capture on their wedding day beforehand • Video can be made available in a range of formats from 720 - 4K
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