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Art Decor Love

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Magdalena de Winter is a very proud owner of styling and decorating company Art Decor Love. She designs personalized styling concepts for weddings and events. Bridal couples who do not want a standard styling, but rather a unique tailor-made concept have come to right place to meet with the person who understands what it means to have a dream wedding. From Ceremony styling, to Reception all concepts are tailored made to each couple needs, budget and dreams. Together with Art Decor Love you will look for the style that suits you based on building a mood board and choosing a color theme. From bohemian, chic, green / sustainable, to sleek, rustic, minimalistic or mix of styles, Magdalena makes it happen for you. 

The following decoration elements are only examples of styling Art Decor Love can provide for your special day:

* Personalized Welcome board

* Reference signs such as “Find Your Seat”

* Lanterns in different sizes and colors

* Ceremony chairs styling & decoration

* Backdrop styling

* Stand table decoration

* Candy table or sweet tables

* Cake table decoration

* Dinner table styling

* Polaroid Photobooth & Guest book Table setting

* Ceiling decoration with beautiful fabrics or lights


Wat is de prijsklasse van uw diensten?
Wat zijn de betalingsvoorwaarden? Moet het bruidspaar bijvoorbeeld van tevoren betalen en welke betalingsopties zijn mogelijk?
30% none-refundable deposit to be paid on the date of signing the contract, rest to be paid 30 days before the wedding
Wat zijn de openingstijden?
Available all the time to match couples needs
In welk jaar is het bedrijf opgericht?

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