Bespoke wedding is a concept created by Anna Prins, meant to give a wedding of any budget a cosy and stylish feeling of a warm atmosphere. We work for you, so you can rest and enjoy a beautiful celebration of your love. We believe that attention to the details of your wishes is the center of our universe. 

A wedding and all those other celebration of life’s precious moments is about people. So at Ever Yours Weddings we spend a lot of time listening: Who are you? Who is the person you love? Why do  you want to get engaged/ married/ re-take your vows in Europe? What is it you as a couple really desire from your special day? We start by listening to your dreams.

Once we know who you are and what you want, we discuss what we call “the big 5”: How? When? Where? Invitees? Budget? Together we start to give shape to the style and size of your special celebration.


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