Evgeniia Kiive Photography

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Evgeniia Kiive Photography

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Hi! So happy you stopped by! My name is Evgeniia and I am an international wedding and family photographer based in the Netherlands.

​All my life I have been in love with photography and exploring this world for years trying to find myself. I guess I am still searching but for now I realized that capturing love is what makes me most happy. I believe in real love and cannot get enough of photographing happy families or couples and seeing how much they care for each other! The most rewarding moment for me is to show people through my photographs how beautiful and unique their love is.

My work reflects my personality and the type of people that I love to photograph: dreamers, lovers, beautiful souls! People who are open to new adventures and new friends! It is important for me that my clients see me not only as their photographer, but as their friend. I want to know you better and capture all the precious moments the way you really are: no awkward and stiff poses, only genuine feelings and spontaneous moments.

If you like my style, my work and have a trust in me, get in touch with me! Tell me your story so that we can create something beautiful together! 

I love to travel and explore new places. Send me an e-mail once you want to know more about destination wedding prices. 

Do you want to see more of my recent work? Follow me on Instagram! 

I hope to see you soon! 

​Lots of love, 



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