is an online shop that allows you to personalised glasses, jars or carafes.

Surprise your guests with personalised details. Wine, champagne or beer glasses to toast with your face or your personal wedding date? Guests will be amazed! The printed glasses can be taken away by the guests as a souvenir or you can send them a glass after the wedding ceremony, which you can fill with a little surprise.

Create your own unique wedding decoration that suits you. For example, you can fill with sweets or jam your personalised jars. You can also create your own vases or candles that your guests can take home with them after the wedding.

Glassmania offers you unlimited personalisation: thanks to the new digital printing machine, we can offer you an incredible variety of new possibilities for personalised glass:

- Printing of a photo, picture or souvenir, with unlimited colours.

- Relief printing for a tactile experience

- An individual print on each glass (e.g. with the names of your guests)

*Swiss print quality* *Dishwasher safe* *Delivery throughout Europe*.

Now it's your turn to be creative and personalise your glass on


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