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My journey through photography started at high school. In order to make photography more than a hobby, in 2008 I went to the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts at the Department of Photo Art graduating with a Diploma in Photography.

Since then, not only  my view of the world through lenses has changed, but also my perception of art entirely. With each shot I aim to improve and make the aesthetic images that reflect my attitude to what is happening in the picture.

All these years, I have gained lots of experience while working in different countries such as Russia, The Netherlands, Indonesia (Bali), Thailand, Singapore, Turkey, Philippines Greece, Belgium, France (Normandy), Sri Lanka, Fiji. I like to shoot the weddings, children, fashion, and simply beautiful portraits. I easily adapt to local conditions and find a way to make it your memorable photo shoot!

To take a picture of something that brings pleasure and joy to my clients, it is necessary to find the right interaction. Therefore, it is important discussing all issues related to the implementation of the conceived ideas and the details of the process before shooting. Choosing me as a photographer - you trust me to shoot from start to finish.

Work with me, to get those breathtaking photos that you would view for a lifetime and enjoy pleasant memories!

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Door milaenis
Ik heb gebruik gemaakt van deze diensten voor mijn bruiloft

Oh Tanechka so beautiful ... so gently ... Romantic ... Mysterious ... I just do not have words ...itжы just breathtaking! :):):) We declare you the best photographer of İzmir!  I have to say, this is very very exciting ... Thank you very much.

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Door albinasergen
Ik heb gebruik gemaakt van deze diensten voor mijn bruiloft

️️️We are thrilled!!! <3<3<3<3 Thank you very much! 

️Sergen called, was crying. He said it was best day in his life and that we were so beautiful <3!

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Door tatianaismail
Ik heb gebruik gemaakt van deze diensten voor mijn bruiloft

Good afternoon Tatyana! The pictures are just super !!! You're doing great and so talented! We really enjoyed. 

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Wat is de prijsklasse van uw diensten?
Welke prijs kan het bruidspaar verwachten voor een volledige bruiloft reportage?
Min 600 euro
Wat voor soort diensten biedt u aan?
Welke stijl omschrijft uw trouwfoto´s het beste?
Spontane Fotojournalistiek
Wat zijn de betalingsvoorwaarden? Moet het bruidspaar bijvoorbeeld van tevoren betalen en welke betalingsopties zijn mogelijk?
I have prepayment 25%, the day of wedding 50% and rest 25% couple pay at the day of receiving photos
Hoeveel tijd van tevoren wordt een eerste afspraak aanbevolen?
1 maand
Is het nodig om een afspraak te maken?
Afspraak is nodig
Rekent u reiskosten?
Eventuele reiskosten
Vertel ons een leuke anekdote over uw bedrijf om bruidsparen een idee te geven wat zij kunnen verwachten.
For 8 years of practice, all my clients have always been happy with the results of photography. Our cooperation begins with a detailed discussion of the details of the photography, my recommendations. I'm in touch with the bride on any issues. My photo shoots always pass in the most relaxed atmosphere and the couple enjoys their day without feeling stressed. I always try to be a friend for a couple and learn what exactly they would like to get from the happiest day in their life.
In welk jaar is het bedrijf opgericht?
Wat is de uiterlijke levertijd na de bruiloft?
The wedding photos are ready in 2-3 months


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