Letterpress (of ook wel boekdruk, hoogdruk) is een vorm van inwaartse druk. Het drukbeeld wordt verdiept in zacht papier aangebracht. Teksten en ontwerpen liggen hierdoor voelbaar in de kaart gedrukt. Iets wat je met gewoon offset of digitale druk niet kan bereiken. Letterpress geeft het drukwerk daardoor net iets extra’s en tastbaarders. Cotton paper combineert deze oude ambacht met nieuwe technieken. Dat betekent dat we (zo goed als) niet meer met oude houten en loden letters werken maar met kunststof drukplaten (polymeer, cliche’s). De mogelijkheden binnen een ontwerp zijn hierdoor eindeloos.


  • Vertel ons een leuke anekdote over uw bedrijf om bruidsparen een idee te geven wat zij kunnen verwachten.

    Hello everyone, My name is Elsemarie and I am running Cotton-Paper for a few years now. It looks like you have found me on Zankyou. Thanks so much for stopping by! I wanted to reach out and personally introduce myself, and to share a few helpful notes about Cotton-Paper. - Almost all of my cards are pressed on 100% cotton-paper. Mostly Gmund. I have this paper in both 300 grams and 600 grams thickness and it's perfectly suitable for letterpress because of it's rich impression. I love to source and match a good paper by all of your ideas. - There a different ways to your invitation even more beautiful. What about a lovely emboss and deboss combined? Also coloring the edges of the paper (600 grams) is possible. I can hand press your envelopes and also include calligraphy. Please send me little notes/sketches/pictures/inspiration or whatever works for you and together we will make a beautiful design. -Because every card is handmade on my old press it take a little while to press all the cards and assignments. If you want to be certain that I can design and eventually press your cards, act fast en contact me with your wishes. When the design is approved I need 5 business days to press the cards. - I also love to draw, even paint (watercolor) and can also offset print designs for you. Thank you so much for checking out Cotton-Paper. I hope you love my cards just as much as I love making it! If you have any questions, email me on info@cotton-paper and I will get back to you in 48 hours. All the best, Elsemarie

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