Every wedding I experience as a special and magical day. The emotions, the excitement, the beauty, the gathering of family and friends all dressed their best and of course celebrating the love and connection between two unique people!

My goal is to make sure that your wedding day is captured in a beautiful, cinematic and kind of idyllic memory or dream with your personal story. I like to do this in the form of a short wedding film, in photography or a combination of both with the emphasis on film. Your personal story, the emotions, highlights of the day and capturing the hidden moments of those present are always taking the center stage.

I would like to capture those special and unique moments as beautifully as I possibly can and capture the atmosphere. I therefore carefully consider my camera work, composition, tempo, colors, choice of music and editing in order to lift the new memories which I'm capturing for you to an even higher level to be enjoyed later on. All this while I try to be as invisible as possible on the day itself, but I also enjoy having a chat with your guests where possible.

Whether I film or photograph your wedding, my mission is to ensure that you and your loved ones can relive the day through the video or photos with the same warm feelings as on the wedding day itself!

I am located at The Hague in The Netherland but willing to capture your wedding wherever in the world!

Want to know if I am available for your wedding or know my prices? Check my website www.sabka.nl, send me a message on here or look me up on Instagram @sabka.wedding.films.photography.

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Wat is de prijsklasse van uw diensten?
Wat voor soort diensten biedt u aan?
Fotografie, Video
Welke stijl omschrijft uw trouwfoto´s het beste?
Spontane Fotojournalistiek
Wat zijn de betalingsvoorwaarden? Moet het bruidspaar bijvoorbeeld van tevoren betalen en welke betalingsopties zijn mogelijk?
The deposit is 30% over the quote which I can send you after our first intake conversation.
Hoeveel tijd van tevoren wordt een eerste afspraak aanbevolen?
6 maanden
Is het nodig om een afspraak te maken?
Afspraak is nodig
Rekent u reiskosten?
Eventuele reiskosten
In welk jaar is het bedrijf opgericht?
Werkt u alleen of samen met andere fotografen en/of andere leveranciers?
I can work alone but when the combination of film & photography and/or drone shots are required, then my second shooter comes in to assist me. Check my website for more information about this: sabka.nl
Wat is de uiterlijke levertijd na de bruiloft?
I strive to deliver between 6 and 8 weeks, but it really depends on the season.
Vanaf welke prijs kunt u uw dienst of product huren?
This depends on whether only videography, only photography or the combination of both is required.


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