Wat Een Plaatje by Angie Peralta

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Wat Een Plaatje by Angie Peralta

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My Story

After meeting the love of my life in 2008, I made the hard decision of leaving behind my life in the Dominican Republic, family and friends, to move to a very different country in Europe, The Netherlands. I had to start over, so I thought why don’t I make my hobby my job? My first step was to learn the Dutch language, then find a job to start networking and to make new friends.

After two years of integration, I started my studies in professional photography at the Fotovakschool in Rotterdam. Another three years later and countless pictures taken everywhere to develop my talent, I can finally say that I have become a professional. Yeahhh, finally!!!

Without the support of my lovely husband and my mother in law, I don’t think this would have been possible at this point. For the first time now after six years of living in this lovely city, I feel really integrated, and why not? I have the most wonderful person as a husband; my son who was living in Santo Domingo now lives with us. I have made many true friends. I have the most amazing job you could ever imagine; it allows me to capture the most important moments of people’s lives with my camera and allows them to cherish them forever. I want to see the love and the gratitude of people through my lens, this is very important for me. It makes me happy and I would like to do this for the rest of my life. 

My style is somewhere between Fine art and Documentary photography, I do my utmost to capture real moments with a touch of beauty, I love natural light, details and emotions.

If you love beautiful, spontaneous, timeless images then you’ve come to the right place. I can’t wait to hear about your big day!

With love,



1.180 €
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Meningen over Wat Een Plaatje by Angie Peralta

1 mening
1 mening
Door Evelien en Maarten
Ik heb gebruik gemaakt van deze diensten voor mijn bruiloft

Angie is een geweldige, enthousiaste fotografe die onze bruiloft prachtig heeft vastgelegd van het begin tot het eind! Met het bekijken van de foto's beleven we de dag elke keer weer opnieuw. Ze kwam zelf met heel veel goede ideeën en leuke initiatieven om nóg mooiere foto's te kunnen maken. Tijdens de bruiloft heeft ze veel mooie en spontane momenten perfect op de foto gezet, precies zoals de dag ook was. We zijn nog steeds enorm blij met de keuze om onze pre-weddingshoot en bruiloft door Angie te laten fotograferen, en we kunnen haar aan iedereen aanbevelen!

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