Demetrios 2024 Bridal gowns: explore all collections

Demetrios 2024: Browse the gallery and discover the most representative bridal gowns from the American brand's bridal lines. Which one will you choose for the big day?

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What is a wedding gown? It’s like a second skin, a symbolic extension of the mind and heart of every woman, a practical realisation of dreams and desires. Choosing a specific bridal brand means stepping into a microcosm of beauty, elegance, and style. Opting for a particular gown, on the other hand, means feeling a connection with the fabrics, the cut, and the accessories. It’s about fully experiencing an unforgettable day, in the name of luxury and comfort, leaving a lasting impression on the lives of both the bride and the guests. For almost 50 years, Demetrios has been fulfilling the wishes of brides from all around the world. It’s a solid brand with a rich history of evolution, a unique know-how, and a keen eye on trends without ever losing sight of tradition.

Why opt for a Demetrios wedding dress?

The 2024 collection by Demetrios takes you on a journey into the intricacies of feminine sensibility, nestled deep within the hearts of women who aspire to be the ultimate protagonists of their ‘day of days.’ A Demetrios dress symbolises those empowered women who adore beauty, stylish details, and perfection. And why not indulge in a bit of experimentation and daring, always poised between sensuality and the purest simplicity? Demetrios is a storied brand in the world of bridal fashion, originating in 1980 from the mind and heart of Demetrios James Elias, with its headquarters in New York.

Today, the brand dresses women from over 80 countries worldwide. Offering a multitude of bridal lines (plus an evening line for guests), it caters to the most concealed desires, materialising them into unique raw materials, transforming into a second skin to be lived in and not merely worn. The Demetrios 2024 wedding dresses epitomise luxury, a metaphysical compendium of small works of art to be experienced on one’s own body, presenting a plethora of choices to accentuate the body and spirit of every woman.

opslaanDiscover Demetrios 2024Discover Demetrios 2024
Demetrios 2024

Demetrios 2024 Collection: Main and Capsule

Let’s begin by examining Demetrios 2024’s Main Collection. Sophisticated glamour and timeless elegance in classic bridal gowns, yet with contemporary touches. With flashes of eclectic romanticism, this line exudes an immediate sense of soft glam. How? Thanks to princess-cut dresses, rich fabric combinations, and bolder, more sensual flourishes. A Demetrios 2024 bride is bold, elegant, luxurious, and… divine!

opslaanDiscover the Demetrios 2024 Main CollectionDiscover the Demetrios 2024 Main Collection
Demetrios 2024 Main Collection

The Demetrios 2024 Capsule Collection is divided into two parts! One part caters to brides who love the minimalist mood, with clean fabrics like mikado, satin, or crepe. The second part of the collection, on the other hand, focuses on the timeless beauty of more classic lace and brocade gowns.

opslaanDiscover the Demetrios 2024 Capsule CollectionDiscover the Demetrios 2024 Capsule Collection
Demetrios 2024 Capsule Collection

Platinum Collection 2024: luxury within reach for Brides

In 2024, true luxury stands majestic in the gowns of the Platinum Collection. It comes in a myriad of possibilities for brides. A-line dresses, princess-style gowns, sensual princess dresses—each dress will become a reflection of every woman’s personality and the most flattering emphasis on feminine shapes and bodies.

opslaanDiscover the Demetrios 2024 Platinum CollectionDiscover the Demetrios 2024 Platinum Collection
Platinum Collection 2024

High Fashion Collection 2024: when the bridal look becomes an icon

Every bride dreams of leaving an indelible mark on the minds of guests, friends, and family. And with the High Fashion Collection 2024, success is guaranteed! A collection that aims to amaze, bold and pleasing, transforming a wedding dress into a true style icon. Mini dresses to be chosen as the main or second look, midi dresses, black wedding dresses to leave everyone in awe.

opslaanDiscover the Demetrios Alta Moda Collection 2024Discover the Demetrios Alta Moda Collection 2024
Alta Moda Collection 2024

Cosmobella Collection 2024: the perfect blend of innovation and tradition

To be or not to be… That is the question? And who says it is? Choosing a Cosmobella 2024 wedding gown means opting for the right compromise between innovation and tradition, between classic and modern, between a glorious past and a splendid future. The Cosmobella bride is sensual, ethereal, and refined, with floral details, deep necklines, and exquisite fabrics.

opslaanDiscover the Demetrios Cosmobella Collection 2024Discover the Demetrios Cosmobella Collection 2024
Cosmobella Collection 2024

Oreasposa Collection 2024: for ethereal princesses

Graceful, ethereal, languid, and sinuous gowns. A collection reminiscent of the soft nuances in Degas’ paintings. Oreasposa 2024 is a dream come true for brides who cherish classic elegance without forsaking modernity. Midi-cut dresses, floral embellishments, a wide range of necklines and sleeves, for 21st-century Audrey Hepburns.

opslaanDiscover the Demetrios Oreasposa Collection 2024Discover the Demetrios Oreasposa Collection 2024
Oreasposa Collection 2024

Destination Romance Collection 2024: clean and natural elegance

The Destination Romance Collection 2024 is bohemian, ethereal, and airy. Natural looks with the purest elegance. Where simplicity reigns supreme. Modern dresses, two-pieces, mix-and-match, crop tops. Unique raw materials for designs that become works of prêt-à-porter art.

opslaanDiscover the Demetrios Romance Collection 2024Discover the Demetrios Romance Collection 2024
Destination Romance Collection 2024

Browse the gallery and fall in love with photo after photo of the most beautiful designs from the Demetrios 2024 collections. Which one will be the final choice?

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Demetrios 2024 Bridal gowns: explore all collections